Marbling Financial Group AG, Zürich, Switzerland

Company Profile

Marbling is headquartered in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland and is owned by an international partnership. Our company closely cooperates with renowned Swiss banks, who act as custodian banks and portfolio administrators for all the liquid assets on behalf of us and our clients.

Marbling as a professional asset manager offers access to high quality investments worldwide: especially to fiduciary deposits with hard and exotic currencies, financial products structured according to our clients requirements, investment funds whose strategies cover our clients preferences, private debt and equity instruments that secure high returns for our investors as well as real estate and commodity objects which offer exceptional chances as solid and alternative investments. Where there is an active trading opportunity we may participate in publicly traded securities.

Marbling’s executives and advisors manage a broad range of investment programs and tailored portfolios for an international clientele of wealthy investors (UHNWI), principally sophisticated family offices, corporations and individuals who are seeking profitable exposures to financial markets worldwide.

Marbling also offers its clients access to global capital markets by investing in a well-chosen and actively managed portfolio of high quality funds and limited partnerships and trusts, and selected direct participations in primary and secondary equity and debt placements.

Marbling targets attractive performances and long term growth of investors wealth via an optimized balance of risk and reward following a disciplined strategic asset allocation.

What we offer our demanding clientele

  • an exposure to a globally diversified portfolio across individual securities, asset classes and investment regions
  • a management by a highly experienced team of professionals from several of the world's most attractive and fast growing investment sectors and economies
  • a dedicated research capability and as a result of its accumulating investment activities a constant improving in quality and increasing in size
  • an excellent combination of various qualifications and global know-how of the company's international investment directors and advisory board members
  • a proven track record collectively of all team members in the Swiss private banking and asset management industry covering all segments of our overall portfolio allocations

Marbling Switzerland

The Swiss wealth management industry is world-class. The combination of a highly skilled & multi-lingual workforce, stable political and economic environments and a cultural emphasis on first class services has allowed the country to position itself as one of the world’s leading and most prestigious wealth management centres.

Switzerland presents a huge opportunity for organisations looking to invest or to raise capital. According to the Swiss Banking Association Switzerland manages 9.1% of global assets under management ranking it behind only the US and UK. It leads the world in off-shore private banking with 27% of global offshore assets. The Swiss wealth management industry is in fact the second largest market for alternative investments after the United States. For uninitiated investors it is also a challenging market as it is highly fragmented. In addition to the major private banking and asset management groups there exists a broad range of family office operations, fund of funds managers and independent wealth advisors.

According to the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM) there are around 3000 practicing independent asset managers in Switzerland alone. There are also a number of important ‘gate keepers’ in the form of asset consultants and fund advisors who assist investors to access the best performing asset managers.

Marbling is your navigator in Switzerland - personally committed to joint success.